Basic parts of a car that must be known to everyone

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Today I am going to tell you about some basic parts of a car that should be known by everyone, some of them might be already known to you, some you will learn now.

#1 Steering Wheel

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As most of us already know it is steering wheel we use to steer the car or in simple we can say the wheel we use to control the car.

#2 Horn

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Mostly in middle of steering wheel we find the horn which we use to create a loud sound to alert others on road. guys can anyone tell the cars having their horn placed other than the middle of steering wheel?

#3 Speedometer

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This is the dial which shows the real time speed of car, in India we have almost all cars with readings in kilometer per hour, but in western countries you will find it in miles per hour. mile is bigger than kilometer 1 mile = 1.6 kilometres.

#4 Seat Belt

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Again most of us know the seat belt provided for every person in car which plays an important role for our safety in case of any accident, it holds us on our place and protect us from hitting the dash board or steering wheel badly. when you put up your seat belt you use the verb "fasten" or "buckle", some people use "buckle up".

#5 Gear Shift

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There are two type of cars 1- manual transmission and 2- automatic transmission or just automatic, manual transmission is also called as "stick shift" as we use stick to shift gears, we use the gear shift to change the power of car engine. we will discuss in detail about gears and modes of transmission in our next article.

#6 Wind Shield and Wind Shield Wipers

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The big window in the front of the car is called wind shield, and wipers placed on it to clean it in case of rain or dirt are wind shield wipers. there is an special technology used in manufacture of wind shield to protect person inside car from broken sharp edged glasses, we will discuss about that some time later.

#7 Head light, Tail light and turn signal

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Head Lights

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Tail Lights

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Turn Signal or blinkers.

Head lights are used to light up the way, tail lights are used to alert the vehicle behind in case if breaks are applied, or to make the car visible during a dark night from behind to avoid any accidents (in most of the HDV they use radium stickers for same reason) blinkers are used to alert drivers behind in case if car is taking a turn left or right.

PS. HDV= Heavy duty vehicles

Hood / bonnet

You open the hood to see the engine.

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This covers the engine and makes it easy to access for any repairing purpose, the shape again plays an important role to divert the air, minimizing the reverse drag force on car.


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The trunk (North American English), boot (British English), dickie (Indian English) (also spelled dickey or dicky) or compartment (South-East Asia) of a car is the vehicle's main storage compartment.

Wheel/ Tire and flat tire

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Wheels are the main components on which a car runs, if a tire is puncture, it is called as a flat wheel.

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The black part of the wheel which is made up of rubber is called as tire. the extra tire kept in trunk called as "spare tire" can be used to replace a flat tire.

Thanks for scrolling all the way down here, I will write same articles teaching you English and basic but very important stuff in an interesting way, if you want to suggest something please comment down below.

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