4 World Class Players at Manchester United who should be the backbone of future teams

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Manchester United has always been home to World Class players in the past. Sir Alex Ferguson famously built his teams around young players who went on to become some of the best in the world. With the right kind of nurturing and care, these players brought immense success at Old Trafford and wrote their names in gold. This quality of the Great Scot was almost his super power, because he managed to do this again and again throughout his career.

The present United team might not be as habituated to continued success as their predecessors, but they still have the qualities to become better. At the heart of the team are four players who are among the most exciting talents in the world. While not all of them are having the best of seasons so far, their qualities cannot be ignored. What makes matters better is that all of them have the abilities to get even better with time, with the right kind of attention and guidance. Read on to find out the 4 World Class Players at Manchester United, who should be the backbone of the future at Old Trafford.

#4 Luke Shaw

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The Englishman does have nerves of steel. Few players could endure the humiliation subjected to him by Jose Mourinho and still make a jubilant return to the first team. It is this relentless desire, this human spirit shown by Luke Shaw that highlights him as an ideal player for Manchester United to build a team around. But the English fullback is not just a player with the right attitude, he has loads of qualities and this season, he has broken the shackles to finally show what he is made of.

The first person he proved wrong was Mourinho, who apparently wanted a new left back in the summer. Luke Shaw has been consistent and strong this season and he has been United's best player by a few miles so far. His performance on both parts of the pitch has been commendable and he looks as comfortable going forward as he is defending. Even though he is still young and will only improve, Luke Shaw is already world class and by signing a new contract with Manchester United, looks set to rule that left back position for years to come.

With a better set of defensive partners, Shaw will turn into a lethal full back who has the ability to take United forward in the coming years. His mental strength makes the deal even sweeter.

#3 Paul Pogba

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United have one of the most talented midfielders in the world, a man who can turn a game on his own. Pogba is perhaps guilty of not trying hard enough in many games, but his talent is unquestionable. With the right players around him, the Frenchman can dictate the tempo of the match unlike anyone. The biggest example of that has been the 2018 FIFA World Cup, where, with a workhorse like Kante alongside him, Pogba was efficient, clinical and the creative outlet of the team.

The problem with the Frenchman is that because of his physique, people often expect him to be an enforcer in the midfield. Paul Pogba is not an enforcer, he is anything but. While he can tackle, and can also use his body strength well, Pogba works best when he looks ahead and drives forward. He has all the attributes that you would want at the heart of the midfield, ability to hold the ball, quick feet, fantastic skills on the ball and a range of passing that could place him among the midfield greats at United.

When you think of a team build around the Pogba, that plays to his strengths and allows him to assert his influence around, you know that with the right ingredients, it can be a team that can challenge for trophies in England and in Europe. Manchester United, as such, have the key to a strong future in their ranks already. The Old Trafford outfit just needs to use him better and help him flourish.

#2 Anthony Martial

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Manchester United have always been famous for their wide players. When Sir Alex Ferguson was plotting United's revival in the Premier League era, he put his trust on a young Ryan Giggs, who tore the opposition apart. The Legendary Scot found another ace through the left side years later in a young Cristiano Ronaldo. While Anthony Martial is quite different from both of them, he still is pretty much built on the same mettle of style, substance and world class abilities.

Ever since he joined United, the Frenchman has been unlike all the other talents at Old Trafford. His young age and lack of consistency did get him down more often than not, but no one could deny that on his day, the Frenchman was unplayable. Martial is neither an out an out winger like the Welshman, nor does he nurture the goalscoring desires of Ronaldo, in fact, he is quite different from those two. Yet, his world class abilities puts him in a similar space of two of United's most successful winger and with proper guidance, assurance and support, Martial could run riot through the left of the United attack for years to come.

It is for this very reason that Manchester United needs to plan the days ahead with Martial as a permanent feature through the left. Maybe with time, the Frenchman could make a successful transition to a No. 9 role as well.

#1 David De Gea

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Every great Manchester United team had a larger than life custodian guarding their goal. Sir Alex was blessed with two fantastic goalkeepers during his reign, and both Peter Schmeichel and Edwin van der Saar were the best in the world during their time. Sir Alex's parting gift to Manchester United was another young keeper who has turned out to be the best in the world right now.

De Gea is so good that he has made the mediocre Manchester United defense look strong for the last couple of years. The Spaniard has been the best player at Old Trafford ever since Sir Alex retired and it was only his brilliance last season that took United to second spot in the league, the highest they have finished since the departure of their legendary manager. De Gea's reflexes and his ability to make unconventional saves with his legs make him the greatest asset at Old Trafford right now. The only way for United to usher in the future would be with him in the goal.

Manchester United should do everything in their power to keep their brilliant goalkeeper at Old Trafford. Every great team in the world would be better with the Spaniard guarding their goal.

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