4 Costliest Things Owned By Mukesh Ambani

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Hi buddies, here are the 4 costliest things owned by Mukesh Ambani. As you all know he is the richest man in Asia, and he owns 44.3 billion dollars. So he owns some special things which will blow your mind out.He is a very good businessman, he is also a chairman, and a managing director. He has many occupations and he is really a great man. So let us not waste our valuable time and go through the pictures i am posting below.

4. Antilia

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You might be knowing about this house, it is the world's most costliest residential property.The house price is 1 billion dollar. It is in Mumbai.

3. Maybach 62

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He ordered for this car. He is the first man to buy this car in India. It is a bomb and bullet proof car, the cost of this car is 6.5 crores.

2. Yacht

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It is 58 meters long and 38 meters wife. It costs 600 crores rupees.

1. Airbus A-319 Corporate Jet

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It costs 650 crores rupees. Approximately 25 people can sit here inside.

So friends what do you think about the richness and luxurious life of Mukesh Ambani as shown in the picture?

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